Wellness Designer

This is who I am

Awakened to the power of the senses and the care of the body and mind from a very young age, I have taken my innate sensitivity and natural instincts and made them my mission: To share emotion and well-being by serving others to allow them a complete escape from time and the stress of daily life.


Inspired by my parents who both work in the healthcare field, I naturally turned to medical training. First as a student nurse, then as a podologist, I learned about anatomy, physiology and psychology. I combined these disciplines with the emotion of life experiences, illness, pain ... and the miraculous power of touch.

Through the eyes of my patients and their reactions to my treatments, I become aware of the power of massage and the impact of my particular sensitivity. My passion for healing is inexhaustible. It’s my calling.

I am self-taught and nourish my practice with both tried and true approaches I learned in Thailand and with the spontaneity of each encounter because no technique is one-size-fits-all, everyone’s energy is different and can change on a given day. Each person is unique and so is each massage.

Massaging, transmitting and caring is my philosophy. As a sports coach, masseur and wellness consultant, I have created Wellness Design in my own image: humanistic and individualized. Much more than a massage or a treatment, my approach is a custom-made work with each client, listening to the body and the energy to sublimate and suspend the present moment.


Always offered in exclusive locations around the world for ephemeral visits, these experiences that we offer ourselves in a process of self-love are sources of lasting sensations, that can often be transformative.

I have one ambition: to bring more love to the world. Meeting people, sharing their energy and interacting for a complete well-being experience nourishes and inspires me daily.

Time is perhaps the most precious thing we have. I want to share it with you and give you tools to understand its value and live it to the fullest.


Awarded the title of best masseur in France in 2016 and bronze medalist at the world massage championship 2022, Jimmy Jarnet's unique approach can be found at exclusive establishments across the world for special programs or retreats. See the News section to learn about upcoming experiences.


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