Personal training

Personal training and massages goes hand in hand like ying and yang. Good conditioning is key to a healthy lifestyle

To stay fit and healthy, you need to give your body regular exercises. Push the limit, get out of your comfort zone, always try to jump higher, run faster, get stronger. To do this day after day, your mind needs to be in the right space, you must keep the motivation that will drive you. Jimmy Jarnet is the person that can help you build a strong mind and a strong body. Don’t wait for your body to tell you it is time to exercise, contact Jimmy now & give your body what it needs!

Jimmy’s extensive knowledge and experience is now on offer for those who really want to take care of their body.

Relying on his skills and experience, Jimmy helps you defining your fitness goals and guide you to make them happen.
He will offer you a bespoke program alongside, whatever your fitness goals are, whether you want to: stay in shape, gain muscle mass, lose weight, go back to gym following a pregnancy, physical preparation for specific event such as marathon, half-marathon, triathlon, etc.
During your first personal training session, Jimmy will offer you an initial fitness assessment to help set-up the route you will take to reach your goals. He offer you total flexibility regarding the location of your personal training session which can happen at home, in a gym or outdoor. Specific and varied exercises and equipment will be on offer to fit the environment.
A bespoke performance tracking will be set-up for a defined period of time, enabling you to obtain clear and measurable results.
Jimmy’s own objective is simple: to help you, guide you, support you and motivate you in achieving your own personal goals.



Physical activity

Doing physical activity on a regular basis will make you feel better both physically and mentally. Regular work out will give you the upper hand to stay fit and healthy so basically, improve your well-being.

Healthy eating

Doing a lot of exercise is only half of the job. The key is to eat healthy, be aware of the calories and where your food is coming from. Eating healthy food will give you more energy to perform better.

Increase performance

Having a goal always helps you pushing harder. Whether it is to lose weight, get leaner, improve your muscle to fat ratio, etc. Have a goal, set a date you want to achieve it by and increase your performance slowly.

Tracking progress

Once everything is in place it is important to check regularly if you are doing. To make sure you will achieve your goals, track your performance every few weeks and months; this will give you motivation.