This year, Jimmy has officially been ranked the best massage therapist in France. This is due to his very high level of understanding of the body as a whole.

Jimmy Jarnet brings 15 years of experience in the domain of paramedical, sport and well-being to offer you a totally unique massage experience of high quality. Over the last few years, words of mouth have spread and his massages are known to an elite clientele searching for the ultimate massage experience. It is time to treat yourself right, give your body what it needs.

Jimmy’s massage is a custom massage service for highly demanding clients looking for a unique and rare massage experience.

This bespoke massage is totally customisable to adapt to all type of massage needs. It aims at being natural and energising, providing you with a muscular and psychic relaxation. After this unique experience, you will feel very relaxed, resourced and your body will be in harmony with your mind.

Far from the usual well-being center protocols, Jimmy focus on one thing: bring his expertise, know-how and energy to you in order for you to feel great in your body and to bring you relaxation, peace of mind and serenity via a massage that is made for you, based on your needs.


Jimmy’s massage are getting noticed and if you are looking for a very unique massage experience, it will be hard not to hear about his work. Recently, Jimmy Jarnet, featured in a video blog of a well-known and highly recognised online health magazine in France ‘Doctissimo‘. This episode is about massage post work-out session and Jimmy explains how important it is for muscle recovery and the benefits of the massage to eliminate the toxines from your body. I let you discover this video (in French) posted on their site on the 31st July 2015.


Massages can be done at your home at whatever time you have agreed and booked with Jimmy.

You will receive your massage on a warm and very comfortable massage table.

We choose with you the type of music you want to hear, depending of your mood.

Only organic vegetable oils are used. The one you choose will be applied at warm temperature during your massage.