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We all want to get fit, whether it is to lose weight, stay in shape, gain muscle mass... Do you want to be in a better, healthier and fitter version of you? Jimmy can help you reach your goal. Run, jump, punch, dive... whatever you're into, Jimmy will help you get better at it.
Nike Master Trainer
In January 2015, Jimmy was proud to announce his partnership with Nike. On top of being a well known & highly respected masseur and personal trainer, now he is also a Nike Master Trainer. A lot of events are happening throughout the year so check out the events section for more info.

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Welcome to Jimmy Jarnet website. But who is Jimmy Jarnet you might ask?

Well, Jimmy is a well-known masseur & personal trainer in France, actually one of the best in Paris and in the country. In fact Jimmy just got awarded the prestigious title of the 2016 best Spa practitioner in France! Jimmy helps, guides and motivates individuals and groups reaching an healthy lifestyle. His medical education and background provide him with a strong understanding of the body mechanic which helps him in the way he does his massages and organise his personal training session.